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Art Market Newmarket

What is Art Market Newmarket?

Art Market Newmarket is the online marketplace for the Newmarket Group of Artists (NGA). The goal is to create a living, constantly growing art catalog featuring a wide variety of Newmarket’s best artists.  Art Market Newmarket aims to be the preeminent marketplace for high quality original artwork that can be bought right away, year round.

The NGA developed Art Market Newmarket in order to help our talented members reach a wider audience, develop new contacts, and share their art with our community.

What can be sold?

Original artwork from all mediums, as long as it is ready for pickup/ delivery to Newmarket area buyers within a reasonable time frame (24-48hrs).

Who is eligible?

NGA members in good standing. New NGA members that have not yet participated in any NGA shows may be required to submit a sample of work to the NGA board of directors for approval before their work can be featured.

Can people buy artwork directly online? Does the NGA handle sales?

No and no. Interested buyers will need to contact artists directly in order to purchase artwork. If artists have an online store then posts will direct buyers there. Otherwise potential buyers will have to contact the artists via email.

What is the cost?

Art Market Newmarket is free for NGA members.

How many items can I sell?

Only one item (or set of items), will be featured by Art Market Newmarket at a time. In general, administrators will post artwork on a first come, first serve basis. However, variety will be emphasized so that no two consecutive posts feature the same artists, medium, or similar subject matter/ style/ etc.

Visit Art Market Newmarket – ART MARKET NEWMARKET –


Why can I upload three images if only one item is featured in each post?

While not a requirement, it is recommended that artists include additional product images in order to help our followers understand the scale, intricacy and quality of the work being featured.

Recommended types of images you should include in your submission:

  • The artwork hanging up on a wall, or on display in some other fashion
  • Close-ups/ details shots
  • Highlighting features or materials used, framing & matting, hanging material, etc.

I’m a photographer or digital artist – should I submit photo of the artwork framed and hanging, or should I submit a digital copy of the photo/artwork?

Both ideally, but a photo of the artwork hanging will be used as the primary image for your post. Art Market Newmarket will ONLY feature artwork that is ready for IMMEDIATE sale. This means photography/ digital artwork must already be framed and ready for pickup/ delivery.

Can I make more than one submission at a time? 

Yes, however the form must be filled in separately for each piece of artwork that you want to sell. Artists may send in up to three submissions, however it may be several weeks between posts that feature the same artist.

Do I need to fill out the entire form each time I make a new submission?

No. If you have already made a submission to Art Market Newmarket, you DO NOT need to fill in the ‘Artist bio’ or the ‘Artist website and social media’ sections again. Info from your first submission will be reused.

Submission Form:

Art Market Newmarket

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  • Please provide the preferred method interested buyers can use to contact you directly.

    EXAMPLE 1 –

    Email address:

    EXAMPLE 2 –

    Instagram handle:

    EXAMPLE 3 –

    Direct link to web store:

  • This is how Art Market Newmarket admins will contact you.
  • 1-3 sentence biography or artist statement.
  • Please include the links to your website, and any social media pages you want to share publicly.